Waterfront Dining in Englewood

The Light House Grill at Stump Pass Marina Offers Waterfront Dining in Englewood.

Have you been debating about where to have dinner today? Why not enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful view of the waters and maybe even some dolphins, and great food options right here in Englewood? You will have plenty to do before and after your meal as well as we have an interesting bait and gift shop Englewood to browse. Fishermen and world travelers are always passing through to get a bite, tell a tale, and enjoy our live music when the various musicians play. If you have not been by we welcome all the locals and sea-farers alike. Our menu is diverse and will please the whole family. We offer to-go meal boxes, open-air dining, and during events even buffet-style dining. We are here for the fun, the delight of the sea, great food, and live music.

Our bait and gift shop is ideal for fishermen and families who are about to venture out of Lemon Bay. The best fish in the area are caught on our selection of live baits and we are always happy to offer a daily recommendation and maybe even direct you to the area's best fishing spots. If you need ice, extra drinks, sunscreen, souvenirs, child's fishing gear, or professional fishing gear we have it all. Browse our bait and gift shop Englewood and enjoy all the other amenities offered right here at Stump Pass Marina to kick off or to complete your fun day on the water. If you make a great catch be sure to show us when you come through, you may make it to the hall of fame of local catches.