Certified Boat Technicians

The Service Department at Stump Pass Marina Employs Certified Boat Technicians to Provide the Best Service to Our Clients.

Are you searching for a marina or boat repair resource with certified boat technicians for your particular motor and brand of the boat? We pride ourselves in the quality of staff and resources at our service department, your boat will be in the best hands right here in Stump Pass, Englewood. Our services range from storage to repairs, to maintenance, and we even have a boat detailing service if needed.

If you have been searching for a forklift concierge near me, look no more. We have all the resources needed to store your boat high and dry as well as wet docking. We are here to meet your needs and keep your boat safe while you cannot. Our forklift concierge services are worked by skilled operators who have experience with boats and heavy machinery alike. You can rely on the quality and safety of all of our marina's amenities. From high and dry storage with a forklift concierge to wet docking with safe ports. All of the boats in our facilities are guarded at night, have security cameras on them, and are stored using premium resources. Our certified boat technicians are trained specifically to repair and maintain the top brands of boats and we have an extensive inventory right here. In most cases, we have what you need to get back out to the water safety, and if we don't we can order it quickly. Come in to find out why we stand out for expertise and quality for boat repair and storage in Englewood.