Boat Service Department In Englewood

Come On Into Stump Pass Marina For The Best Local Boat Repairs.

At the Stump Pass Marina, we offer it all to mariners who want to explore Lemon Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, or use our port as a starting point to a longer journey. We are not just a "one-stop-shop" we offer premium services and are proud to say without hesitation you will find the best local boat repairs here at our boat service department in Englewood. This is because we are staffed with experienced technicians with specialized certifications for various boat motors. If you bring your boat in, she will be inspected and repaired by a professional who has the particular brand parts needed for that boat in stock right here at the marina. We stand out because of our quality of service but also the expertise and training of the staff at our boat service department in Englewood.

While your boat is getting repaired you can hang out and catch the stunning views from our boardwalk dock. Or catch a bite to eat at our Lighthouse Grill. We offer convenient to-go app ordering and Sunset Terrance dining options for optimum social distancing if that is needed during your visit. You may end up having such a nice time while your boat is getting repaired you decide to dock her in our dry docking facilities when you are done for the season or to come back for evening festivities after enjoying the Bay and Gulf all day. We welcome all the sun-kissed seafarers that find their way to our Marina with their hair all salty and windblown and their minds full of fish tales. Come one, come all, and have a great time at Stump Pass Marina, even if you are simply waiting for premium boat repair services so you can open up your vessel on the open waters again.